Intern Qualifications

To qualify for the StepOut Program, the applicant should:

  • be a young adult, at least 20 years old.
  • be an active member of a local church.
  • have a serious interest in missions and development cooperation.
  • have good recommendations.
  • be able to participate in the StepOut training course.
  • be flexible, patient and service minded.

All applicants need to ask two persons for recommendations, using the the forms available on the StepOut web page. One of them should be from a leader in the applicant’s church.

Being in the age span between 20 and around 30 years old, the interns vary greatly in interests, knowledge and competence. Some come already with a university degree and a few years of work experience, while others are just a year or two out of high school. Thus, within the StepOut program the crucial point is not the interns’ level of experience or education, but the possibility of finding them appropriate tasks and the availability of appropriate mentorship.

The qualifications above are the general criteria for StepOut interns. In addition, the hosting organisation is of course welcome to state its own criteria, as long as they are suitable for an intern assignment and do not contradict the genereal criteria. Any criteria specified by the hosting organisation will be an important guideline on the recruitment process.

In accordance with Interact’s Child Protection Policy, all interns admitted to the program to the program are required to show an extract from the criminal records registry in Sweden to assert that they have not been found guilty of crime towards children.